Bronze Winner of the 2014 Global Ebook Award for Short Stories/Essays Fiction  

Tales of the Sonoran Desert –These fourteen tales give voice to the plants and animals of the unique desert that lies in the southwestern United States and in Mexico. Regularly shared in storytelling venues by the author, the tales have proven to intrigue audiences with their vibrant characters, spellbinding narratives, and unexpected twists. A sense of both wonder and humor accompanies listeners and readers as they journey through a land of such marvels as an ocotillo whose flowers of flame are a tribute to its compassion, a guilt-stricken coyote who pleads for forgiveness with the moon, and an ironwood tree whose acceptance of the whole of life brings with it with the gift of tears. The subtle lessons to be learned and the factual information to be enjoyed are an added plus in these imaginative stories that enhance understanding and respect for the Sonoran Desert and its inhabitants.



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Tales of the Sonoran Desert



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  • The Secret of Dreaming
  • How the Ocotillo Saved a Baby
  • The Deer Brothers
  • What the Ironwood Tree Learned from the Javelina
  • How the Coyote Hurt the Moon
  • The Desert Tortoise and the Free-tailed Bat
  • The Bobcat and the Saguaro
  • The Phainopepla and the Desert Mistletoe
  • The Cloud People Come to the Sonoran Desert
  • The Birds Petition the Creator
  • How the Mountain Lion Met His Match
  • The Palo Verde Tree and the Golden-Winged Creatures
  • The Return of the Night Sky
  • Larcena Page and the Beyond World  

The Rhyme and Rhythm of Childhood

bookcover3dEnjoy these six stories with full color graphics

  • Two Good Shoes
  • Mama’s First Permanent Wave
  • Pesky and the  Peppers
  • Camping in the Smokies
  • The Tale of the Boyish Bob
  • The Rhode Island Red Rooster








Silver Winner of 2014 Global Ebook Award – Poetry Category

The Rhyme and Rhythm of Childhood features stories inspired by childhood memories that family and friends have shared with her. Set mostly in North Florida, these stories reflect and honor the culture into which she was born. Formal studies in Romance and Slavic languages and literatures, however, as well as extended periods of living abroad, have ensured her deep appreciation for traditions different from her own, wherever they are encountered. She holds Native American folk tales, for example, in highest regard.

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